Understanding the changing role of the SAM

Within the IT department, software asset management is easily overlooked. Which means that SAMs rarely get the recognition, support or resources, they deserve (and need).

Software asset management used to be indistinguishable from inventory control, a pseudo-finance role that ensured licence counts matched requirements. But the role has – and continues – to evolve. Where one manager could perform the necessary counts, there is now a team of specialists to cover the many vendors and licensing models that apply to your business, especially as cloud platforms grow in strategic importance.

As IT Asset Management Magazine noted;

Although today cloud is considered by many to be beyond the core remit of SAM and ITAM teams, we are seeing the situation change rapidly as cloud software and infrastructure investments consume a larger portion of an organization’s overall technology spend. ITAM professionals with an understanding of how to create and enforce cloud governance functions will continue to demand a premium.  But organizations also need to invest in the right technologies and services to better control their cloud spend. As with the more traditional areas of ITAM, you still need a careful blend of people, processes and technology.’

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